Lucky silver fish is made by silver, for attracting good luck.



  • For attracting good luck.
  • Keeping silver fish near your pillow can rectify the bad luck caused by planetary effects of Mercury or Mars.
  • They are known for their positive energy and are considered as a good omen.
  • This fish is lucky and is considered as a fish known for its power for attracting wealth.
  • This fish as pet in your aquarium can bring you immense luck and sources of income.
  • To remove Vastu Dosha Place a pair of silver-metal fish in a silver bowl filled with water.


1) 2.5 inches approx – Price Rs. 2500/-

2) 3.0 inches approxPrice Rs. 3500/-

3)  3.5 inches approxPrice Rs. 5100/-

  • Energy – Full Energized and charged with mantra.
Dimensions 254 × 152.5 mm
Size (mm)

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