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Reduce stress & achive 90% extra peace of mind,

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with spiritual power of Diksha given by Originator of modalities as Lama-Fera Dr. S.K. SAINI.

Our most popular vedic modalities are:


Lama-Fera is ancient modality, practiced in Buddhist monasteries. It uses energy to heal. People benefit from it - emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally. Lama-Fera healing periods can be shorter than other therapies.


As per Yogic practices, Mudras are systematic hand gestures. Mudra in Sanskrit means a posture or seal. Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication, consisting of self expression by hand and finger postures.


Centers of energy that moved inside us are 7 Chakras. Mantra meditation on the various Chakras can give rise to tremendous health benefits in addition to mental as well as spiritual benefits, if practiced correctly.

Academy's vedic modalities ARE:

Lama Fera master teacher level

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diciple will be honored with individual certificate from Vedic culture academy

Certificate of Vedic Modalities


                    Lama-Fera is union of two words:
Lama means Sadguru who follows the laws of nature for the betterment of mankind and enlighten the path of follower and Fera means healing technique.

Ancient healing technique, practiced in Himalayas in Buddhist monasteries which make uses of energy to heal. In 1992 Dr. S.K Saini inspired by Budhha darshan. Under guidance of Lama guru Sh. Mandosa ji and Sh. Avdesh ji , started developing different Buddhist healing vedic modalities.
Lama fera as healing technique was devolved by Dr. S.k Saini in 1995-1996. From 1996 he started spreading these Vedic modalities for human kind. The practice entails calling on Lord Buddha for any healing situation. The healing energy from Buddha is transferred through healer down to the person in need.
This healing technique includes 12 Symbols. Which has vibration of 4,50000 mantras.  Healer needs a healing stick consisting of quartz crystals to multiply healing energy of healer/ master by thousands time.

Differences with other healing Vedic modalities:

What sets Lama-Fera apart from other energy healing technique is that no laying of hands is required. The healer only acts as a channel for Lord Buddha to pass through and heal the person. Lama-Fera healing periods can be shorter when performed than in other Vedic therapies. Healer just have to be preformed repeatedly for a sequence to be complete.

Benefits Of Lama-Fera:

  • The healer or practitioner can detect the vibrations which can change his energy levels.
  • Gets rid of energy that is negative or issues in health, property and business.
  • Gives strength to the body and enhance chemical processing of muscles, body, digestive disorders, bones.
  • Balancing of spiritual, and physical problems. Tackles the root cause of sicknesses.
  • Improved awareness, knowledge and enlightenment.
  • Makes room for more activeness, self-confident and alert.
  • Removes pressure of thoughts and increase the vital energy of the body.

Who is not suitable to learn Lama-Fera?

Therapy Lama-Fera requires practitioners to develop an appropriate relationship with Lord Buddha, together with the energies represented by the symbols used in the Lama-Fera system. In this healing system healers are usually less proactive than in others techniques like Reiki. The Healer need to let Lord Buddha take the lead.

Healers who have a very strong sense of self. Such healers are not able to work in relationship with others. They are not able to work as team players so will not be suitable candidates to learn this system. Healers who feel the need to put their mark on systems, by changing the systems unnecessarily will not be suitable candidates. Who, have damaged the public perception of other healing systems. Healers engaging in public attacks upon the Heads of Lineage of other systems or spreading incorrect teachings will not be suitable candidates for Lama-Fera. All energy teachers have a responsibility to ensure that they teach only to people, who will respect the healing systems and I have that responsibility with Lama-Fera.

Who is suitable to receive Lama-Fera healing?

As Lama-Fera is a system practiced within the Buddhist community, it is an appropriate way to give healing to people following the Buddhist path. It may also be used for people who are not Buddhists as long as they are aware of who Lord Buddha is and are happy to receive healing from him. As the system is usually practiced by Buddhist monks, there has been no traditional self-healing procedure for the Lama-Fera healers. Their spiritual practice should have taken them beyond the need for emotional and mental healing. However, with a bit of creativity in technique Lama-Fera healers will be able to receive healing for themselves if needed.

Technique of Lama Fera is completely based on Guru-Shisya (master-diciple) tradition. Lama Fera is a complete healing technique itself but at the same time it’s part of SUKSHAM NADI TANTRA KOSH VIGHYAN.

Lama Fera kit includes:-

  • Maroon rob.
  • Burning stick.
  • Sketchu mala.
  • Small Toran.
  • Sound of beej mantra.
  • Lama -Fera Yantra.
  • Dragon Toran.
  • Earth (wooden) sticks.

Healing Lama-Fera system have many levels. Apart from basic 2 levels Lama-Fera Master Healer, Lama-Fera Master Teacher, there are so called Grand master level: version 3 – 3rd level and version 4 – 4th level.
Basic master levels include very powerful mantras also there for Shaktipath of Lama fera.

Unique Vedic modalities by Gurumaa Devyani Nanda are:

Grand master level along with mantras for Shaktipat includes Antim Mantra of Lama fera, plus other powerful healing techniques as Toran Vidhi and Mrigal Sanjeevani.

Toran technique is for Satvik work (cleansing and energizing).

  • For Tantrik work.
  • Removal of financial obstrucle.
  • For powerful Shaktipat.
  • Removal of Vaastu dosha.
  • Removal of Spirits from body and place.
  • Activation of third eye.

Mrigal Sanjivani is for serious or dieing like person. In this technique many more powerful symbols are used. For this a special Shaktipat is mandatory with powerful mantras.
Only Satyamargi disciple who attuned by this and only he or she can guide you for this. This is very secret technique and not teaching by everyone.


  • Aura Surgery.
  • Energy Tower.
  • Sigment Lama Fera.
  • Abstract Lama Fera Process.
  • Elevation Process.
  • Migration Process.
Lama fera Vedic Modalities


As per Yogic practices, MUDRAS are systematic hand gestures. Literally, Mudra in Sanskrit means a posture or seal.
Mudras are a non-verbal mode of communication.  Mudras are self-expression consisting of hand gestures and finger postures. They retain the efficacy of the spoken word. It is an external expression of inner resolve, suggesting that such nonverbal communications are more powerful than the spoken word.
Mudras are capable of bestowing great powers and psychic abilities called “Siddhies” on their practitioners. Hence, their knowledge should not be conveyed to:
*who steeped in sin.
*those that are not true to their word.
*skeptics and non-believers
*heretics and insincere persons.
*those who do not observe the precepts.

  The 5 fingers of the hands represent these 5 elements :

*Thumb symbolises Fire.
*Forefinger symbolises Wind.
*Middle finger symbolises Ether.
*Ring finger symbolises Earth.
*Little finger symbolises Water.

Mudras have therefore always been considered an esoteric science. Even as of date there are thousands of Mudras that are not available to the uninitiated (like in the Chen Yen Buddhism or True Buddha Schools). However, besides the mudras providing spiritual gains, there are mudras which are likewise of tremendous value in therapy.
Constant researches by the dedicated have brought numerous of these to the fore, although we still seem to be scratching the surface only of this sea of knowledge.
From these thousands of Mudras, we had selected 20 mudras for this basic level of MUDRA VIGYAN.
These mudras must be practised under strict guidance of Master or GURU.
Regular practice of these MUDRAS Will increase your concentration powers.
Indian Medical science according to Ayurved and metaphysics affirm that distortion or impairment of the 5 elements create outer disturbance and inner sickness in the body.

                   Benefits Satyamargi Mudra Vigyan

  • Mudra Vigyan is a very effective process to reach deep meditation stage as well as it gives healthy mind, body and soul.
  • Regular practicing of these Mudras helps to develop/ improves our mental and hypnotism powers.
  • Helpful in awakening of kundalini energy.
  • Mudras Vigyan supports the life force energy in all over the body. Helps in regeneration of dead cells and nourishes our body with life force energy required for activation of Seven Chakras.
  • Regular practice of these Mudras will increase your concentration powers.
  • There are 20 mudras in this basic level, which should be done under strict guidance of Master or Guru.


We all are born through the cosmic energy or Pranashakti. After, our birth this energy is called Kundalini Shakti. This energy lies dormant at the base of our spine means at Muladhar Chakra and controls the functioning of our entire body through nadis.

This pranashakti, as it descends to the spine, gives rise to 7  energies centres which are called Chakras. These chakras are basicly junction points where Matter, Energy (Oorja) and Consciousness (Chitta) come together in a very high concentration.
Correct Mantra meditation on the various chakras can give rise to tremendous health benefits in addition to mental as well as spiritual benefits.
In order to understand it, one needs to comprehend the basics of the chakras.

                          Characteristics of Chakras:

They are related to the five elements from which the entire universe is formed, namely Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. By the virtue of Chakras relationship with these elements, they bear typical characteristics of these elements. Every Chakra has a number of petals which have a specific significance.
All Chakras control the functioning of an endocrine gland (which produce hormones) and specific parts of our body.
Each Chakra has a specific colour (the colours of the Rainbow VIBGYOR). Which stores emotional memories, which is why we “feel” certain memories in different parts of the body.
Each chakra can be activated by a mantra specific for it. The mantra brings it into balance as a result of its vibration.
Chakras also have a relationship with the Gunas of Prakriti, namely Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
The Vishudhi and Agya Chakras are related to a Sattvic pravriti. Which concerned with purity, virtue and the consciousness centered at the Third Eye Centre.
The Anahat Chakra is responsible for Rajas, which is characterized by passion and wordly activities etc. The lower chakras namely Manipur, Svadisthan and Muladhar are related to Tamas, characterized by inertia, arrogance and pride.

Muladhar Chakra

When Muladhar chakra is out of balance it makes us lazy, stubborn and cynical. While its deficiency leads to weakness, infections like flu, common cold and to world’s attachment around us. It is related to the colour Red. Red colour signifies Shakti, symbolizing awakening of sleeping consciousness to alert consciousness.

Svadisthan Chakra

Deficiency in this chakra leads to menstrual problems, uterine fibroids, prostatic dysfunction, cancers of the urogenital tract etc. The colour it is associated with is Orange, symbolic of the rising Sun indicating rising consciousness.

Manipur Chakra

An imbalance of Manipur chakra leads to heart burn, peptic ulcers and heart disease also (due to anger). The colour yellow is associated with the neuromuscular system.

Anahat Chakra

When Anahat Chakra is out of balance, it leads to loneliness, depression, greed (Lobha) avarice, hoarding possessions etc. Diseases like heart disease, lung problems etc. The colour it is associated with is Green. Which indicates a balance of mind body and spirit.

Vishudhi Chakra

When out of balance it leads to self centredness, ego (Ahankar) and feelings of “I, Me, Mine”. Diseases of the larynx, like laryngitis, laryngeal disorders, thyroid problems etc. One often feels a sense of tightness or constriction in the throat when this is imbalanced or when one cannot ‘speak up’. The Vishudhi Chakra is associated with the colour blue (Aasmani).

Agya Chakras

When out of balance because of stress, physical trauma etc. Can lead to headaches, Migraine etc. Its colour is Indigo (neel).

Sahasrar Chakra

Blockages at this level affect the entire body. May leads to chronic exhaustion and overwhelming fatigue. It is related to the colour violet (Baigani).

Vedic Modalities mudra activation
Shalvik Mantra Rahasya vedic culture


Shalvik Mantra Rahasya is newly introduced astrological technique developed by Sadguru Shri Satyanandji (Dr. S.K. Saini – also originator of Lama Fera). Dr. S.K. Saini had created symbols with the vibrations of 4’50’000 mantras. In this system 300 symbols are used in three sets and each set has 100 symbols. This system can provide solution to all the problems of every person.
Time calculation report chart of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is used to treat the person.
This technique is very powerful, accurate and is based on present mental state of the person. With Shalvik Mantra Rahasya, we can remove the evil planetary effect in our life and influence positive effects. It helps to remove all past negative karma to make life much better.

This therapy can be used both in personal sessions and distant healing sessions for:

  • Only predictions (basically present state of mind, their problems and solution for them).
  • To remove past negative karma effects, evil planetary effect treatment of all ailments related to physical, mental and spiritual state.
  • For healing and remove the problems, whatever we are suffering in our daily life.
    ***it takes just 45 minutes to heal.

This healing technique in very powerful and useful more than Astrology because we can find the root cause of the problem. You also can know about your body or place elements, if you have imbalance or missing elements then you can correct through Shalvik mantra.

In Shalvik mantra healing a person is consulted to find root cause to analyse their problems by the help of numbers. These numbers shows, which symbols mantra vibration is required to heal them.
Then we project all these mantras in patients Aura and give healing with Mahamrutunjay mantra.
As we know most of the mantras are locked, so we use unlocking energy of mantra with samput.

                 Benefits of Shalvik Mantra Rahasya:

  • Protection and removal against witchcraft and Black Magic.
  • Better Health & improved prosperity.
  • Improved Relationships.
  • Correction of 5 Elements in Body .
  • Removal of evil effects of weak planets in your Horoscope.
  • Removes vastu Dosha and negative energy.
  • Removal of Past negative Karmas .
  • Inner peace and Happiness.
  • Freedom from any depression and stress.

"comments of my beloved diciples"

So far I had 5 clients of Shalvik Mantra Rahasya (SMR) healing. 4 out of 5 clients healed completely. One person got a desired job within 17 days, 2 people had thyroid problem and at present thyroid level got normal. One person's severe stomach problem went away, but I was not able to heal a lady with multiple sclerosis. Jai Gurumaa!
Nursat Fatima Shalvik Mantra Rahasya
Nusrat Fatima
Healer, USA
Learned from Gurumaa Devyani Nanda modality Satyamargi Mudra Vigyan. And regular practice of 4 Mudras cured my two month cough. I'm going to start healing on myself today. Those who haven't taken the Mudras worshop yet, do it as it's a very powerful tool. It also takes very little time to do the important Mudras daily. Thanks Maa Devyani Nanda
Ambrish Mudra Activation
Software Engineer, USA
I have started my spiritual journey with my Guru Ma Dimple Ji in October 2018, where I learned Lama-Fera from her. The way she taught was straightforward to understand and the energies were so high and intense. I'm so blessed to have you in my life as a Mentor, guru, friend and Elder sister. Lots of love and regards to GuruMaa!
Shalini Agrawal Lama Fera
Shalini Agrawal
Service provider, UK

"video comments"

"protection from buri nazar"