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Vedic Healing Modalities-Lama Fema, Styamargi Mudra Vigyan etc


Reduce stress & achive 90% extra peace of mind,

improve health by 80%. Get positive results just after 3 hours,

with spiritual power of Diksha given by Originator of modalities as Lama-Fera Dr. S.K. SAINI.

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VEDIC CULTURE ACADEMY for healing modalities

301 Agam Adeshwar, Near Shyam Baba Mandir, New Citylite Road, Surat - 395007, India

+919978478523, +917990636138


11 am - 8 pm.

"comments of my beloved diciples"

So far I had 5 clients of Shalvik Mantra Rahasya (SMR) healing. 4 out of 5 clients healed completely. One person got a desired job within 17 days, 2 people had thyroid problem and at present thyroid level got normal. One person's severe stomach problem went away, but I was not able to heal a lady with multiple sclerosis. Jai Gurumaa!
Nursat Fatima Shalvik Mantra Rahasya
Nusrat Fatima
Healer, USA
Learned from Gurumaa Devyani Nanda modality Satyamargi Mudra Vigyan. And regular practice of 4 Mudras cured my two month cough. I'm going to start healing on myself today. Those who haven't taken the Mudras worshop yet, do it as it's a very powerful tool. It also takes very little time to do the important Mudras daily. Thanks Maa Devyani Nanda
Ambrish Mudra Activation
Software Engineer, USA
I have started my spiritual journey with my Guru Ma Dimple Ji in October 2018, where I learned Lama-Fera from her. The way she taught was straightforward to understand and the energies were so high and intense. I'm so blessed to have you in my life as a Mentor, guru, friend and Elder sister. Lots of love and regards to GuruMaa!
Shalini Agrawal Lama Fera
Shalini Agrawal
Service provider, UK

"video comments"

"protection from buri nazar"

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